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Arthomedesign Technologies Inc.  8 years of experience in the construction and interior design industry. Whether you need plans for a new residential home, remodel, or a commercial build, we present creative design options that fit your criteria. Let’s get your ideas on paper.

3D VISUALIZATION. We use 3-D models to prepare construction documents for the purpose of obtaining a building permit. It is difficult know what a structure actually looks like by viewing a flat exterior elevation and these models help our clients to visualize the finished product and avoid confusion. The dimensional perspective images tend to be the most important part of our customer’s overall design experience.

DESIGNING TO BUILD. It is a common practice to design a house and then leave it up to an engineer to figure out how to build it. This approach can produce extraordinary designs, but it can also be expensive to build. We choose to design your buildings with the structure in mind. Architectural design is important and it is equally important to consider whether the structure is affordable to build.

REMOTE ONLINE SCREEN CASTING: You have the opportunity to be involved in your project by watching us update a live 3D model of your project from your computer. You’ll be able to make suggestions and ask questions about your home or investment. This process saves time while allowing you to be a part of the team.

PRESCRIPTIVE STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS. All plans need to be engineered for structural analysis. Buildings that are “designed to code” can be prepared without the need of a structural engineer. We are able to provide the documentation for load calculations and lateral bracing analysis at a reduced cost of using an engineer.

WORKING WITH ENGINEERS. When a design falls outside of the “prescriptive path” of the code, we work closely with our engineer to get your plans ready for submittal. There are many ways to build a house, and we are always thinking of ways to reduce the cost of construction by considering the best build option. From the beginning to the end, we are designing with an experienced engineer on board.

REALISTIC IMAGE RENDERING (ADDITIONAL SERVICE). We offer realistic images for those clients and professionals needing marketing tools or additional visualization of a project. We either use the models from our construction documents or use your own construction documents or pictures to produce elegant images of your home or building. All the realistic images above are rendered and not real photos.

COMMERCIAL BUILDS. Working with our engineer, we offer a one-stop “stamped” design solution for our commercial clients. Together with your team, we will customize your building design to fit your criteria and vision.


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