We offer concepts for the creation, opening and promotion of a restaurant, both in New-York (Seattle) and the other states. The program for creating a concept and a brand book includes assistance in choosing a room, developing a business plan, selecting equipment suppliers for the future facility of the food and entertainment industry, recommendations on staff selection and enterprise management.

A huge number of errors can be avoided at the initial stage. Many restaurants doom themselves to a sad ending even at the stage of choosing a concept or location. You will save nerves and money in the future.


List of works:

    - Development and analysis of the feasibility study of the customer;
    - Development (adjustment) of the general concept of the institution;
    - Logistics of staff and guests;
    - Engineering and interior design;
    - Development and selection of furniture;
    - Registration of facades and entrance group;
    - Designing a kitchen and technical premises;
    - Installation of technological equipment;
    - Design and construction of summer venues for restaurants, clubs and cafes;
    - Obtaining a package of permits for opening a catering establishment.


We also offer on-site consultations that are necessary in case of remote work, for example, if the customer and the designer (designer) are located at a considerable distance from each other, in different cities or countries. The mobility of the project team allows you to travel even to the most remote objects.