Completed works: furniture production for hostel: beds, cabinets, lighting, countertops for kitchen, Desk, shelves, metal frames for kitchen and decorative plaster(hallway, vip room).

Completed works: furniture production: furniture bar (and metal up) and led-light.

Completed works: Interior Design, LED lighting, artistic sandblasted glass panels and light boxes, decorative plaster and decorative painting

Completed works: design restaurants, the artistic sandblasted glass, decorative prints, decorative plaster, panels and light boxes and others.

Completed works: decorative Led boxes and furniture.

Completed works: furniture: table tops, furniture.

Completed works: repair restaurants, glass partitions, countertops, sofas and other furniture.

Completed works: decorative plaster, wood paneling of the walls and columns.

Completed works: wooden house in a restaurant for children.

Completed works: decorative art-work.

Decorative furniture, cabinets, lamps, columns and led lighting

Completed works: LED lighting, video surveillance.

Completed works: Glass fences, installation of handrails, railings, technical support and upgrades.