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We provide services in the field of interior design, decoration, furniture production, design of modern technological devices, including the engineering component. Today we want to embody all modern technologies in the interior and devices related to the daily life of man on Earth, and in the future in Space.

In our portfolio, more than seventy successfully completed projects not only in Russia but also abroad. Customers trust us and appreciate the high quality of our work. We implement our projects in restaurants, hotels, hostels, offices and shopping centers. Our team understands that high-quality design is a visit card for business, its profit and the key to successful work, so we strive for long-term cooperation and quality work.


For customers we offer:

1. production and works for interior design:

  • development of corporate identity;
  • decorative design of rooms (LED lighting, art texture and plaster, art painting);
  • wooden structures and furniture (finishes, beds, bar counters, countertops, frames, etc.);
  • decorative interior printing (light boxes with LED illumination, posters, art paintings);
  • metal products (furniture, metal frames, railings, etc.);
  • decorative glass (decorative sand-blasted glass, glass with a mat, triplex, colored decorative glass).

2. Design and design:

  • design of network concepts (restaurants, hostels, cafes, shops, shopping centers);
  • design and design of technological devices (in furniture, in the interior);
  • industrial design (development and design of technological devices, cars and other interiors);
  • website design for corporate identity based on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python and integration into ERP systems.

ARTHOMEDESIGN TECHNOLOGIES Inc. (office in New York) was founded on november 18, 2015 and works to bring positive mood and joy to our customers.


The company employs high-level specialists: designers, architects, technicians, craftsmen. The company provides warranty for all services provided. Our customers include famous brands on the market. Services are provided to both individuals and legal entities.

We will be glad to execute your design intention worldwide!